Family Celebrating New Year

Happy Holidays

“Happy Holidays!” “Happy Hanukkah!” “Merry Christmas!” The commercialism of holidays expects us to be joyful, happy, and merry, but “the most wonderful time of the year” can turn into the most stressful time of year.   

Did you know that December is National

Stress-Free Family Holiday Month? You might be thinking to yourself, “how?” Between holiday season travel, shopping, the crowds that accompany them, hosting dinners, feeling alone, grieving the loss of a loved one, financial problems, and family tension, the holiday season may come along with significant stress. For many, the holidays can cause serious anxiety and depression.  The link below can guide you to alternative ways to create a  more loving and less stressful holiday tradition. 

The Parents Center wishes you all a Happy Holiday Season!


National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month 


World AIDS Day (Dec. 1)

International Day of Persons With

Disabilities (Dec. 3)

Human Rights Day (Dec. 10)